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Welcome to Birdville Hawk Tennis!

Way To Go, Varsity!

District 6-4A Fall 2013 Seeds


Boys 1

Jeff Crespo
2nd Team  

Girls 1

Kirsten Lefebvre
Honorable Mention 

Boys 2 

Caleb Wyneken
1st Team

John Turner
2nd Team

Girls 2   

Jenni Houtchens
1st Team 

Boys 3  

Tima Tarankov
2nd Team 

Girls 3

Mary Rofaeil
2nd Team 

Boys 4

Caleb Eiland
Honorable Mention 

Girls 5 

Claudia Nelson
2nd Team 

Boys 6    

Casey Crespo
1st Team 

Girls 6 

Martina Rofaeil
2nd Team 


Jeff Crespo & John Turner
2nd Team 


Kirsten Lefebvre & Claudia Nelson
2nd Team 


Tima Tarankov & Casey Crespo
1st Team


Neha Patel & Mary Rofaeil
1st Team 


Caleb Wyneken & Michael Peschell
2nd Team 


Marina Rofaeil & Martina Rofaeil
2nd Team 



Mixed Doubles 

Jenni Houtchens & Caleb Eiland
Honorable Mention 

District Champions! 

Spring Season 2014

The Spring Season is here!  Thanks to all our awesome volunteers who were able to help us this Fall at the Concession Stand and our other fund raisers! 



We still need volunteers for the Scholarship Committee.   

Scholarship Committee: Evelia Alejandre, Mike Wyneken, and Melissa Martin.  Thank you, all!

We have our Chair and volunteers for the Banquet Committee.  If you're interested in helping out, let us know.

Banquet Committee: Clarissa Cassel, chair, Amy Bolander, Sara Tovar, and others.

If you're interested, please let us know.


The April Booster Club meeting has been tentatively scheduled for Monday, April 28th to accommodate those who may be travelling for the Easter holiday.  We will announce the location as the date grows closer. 

During the April meeting, a vote will be held to amend the by-laws.  We are posting the motion in accordance with the process to amend the by-laws by making it public for 30 days.  The motion was made at the February meeting to: change membership levels to eliminate the FAMILY level membership, increase the fee for SINGLE level membership to $50 and get a shirt OR a yard sign, and increase the fee for ACE level membership to $90 and get a shirt AND a yard sign.  This motion will come up for a vote by all current members present at the April meeting.

All are invited and welcome!

Go Hawks!


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